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Nellie’s Scottish Shortbread was created to honor my Scottish heritage. “Nellie” is the nickname for Helen, a name that five generations of women before me have shared. I chose the name Nellies Scottish Shortbread to honor my grandmother Nellie and her memory. She brought her family recipe and traditions to the United States in 1946 as a WWII bride. We love to share this toasty sweet most delicious treat with friends and family.

Shortbread is traditionally served in Scotland for special occasions, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, and always served for New Year’s Holiday. As a child, every holiday was celebrated with a tin of “Nellies” shortbread on the table. It is perfect to be enjoyed every day with a cup of English Breakfast Tea or coffee. It is great gift of welcome, hostess gift, or party favor.

My family has prepared this delicious recipe for friends, neighbors, and business associates for five generations. Nellie's Scottish Shortbread is baked with all natural ingredients just as is has been in my family for over 200 years. I believe that anyone can make shortbread, since the ingredients are not complex, but the love and tradition passed on is the special nature of this product. It is handmade and hand cut just as it has been prepared for five generations before me.

Shortbread cookies are really biscuits. The cookie has a crumbly texture, which is why it is called shortbread. “Short” was a description used long ago to describe things that are flaky. It is a buttery, crispy, sweet biscuit of a cookie, that will leave you wanting more.

Go ahead, taste the difference, make some memories. Share Nellie's with the ones you hold dear.
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